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young woman with clear aligner in mouth

How Much Does Invisalign Cost? With & Without Insurance 

How much does Invisalign cost for the average patient? The answer is, it depends on how many aligners (trays) you need to straighten your teeth.

Young blonde woman cleaning her teeth with waxed dental floss

Waxed Floss vs. Unwaxed Floss | Which One Is Best?

There are pros and cons to every type of dental floss, so ultimately, it boils down to your specific circumstances.

Morning of young sporty woman running outdoors

Dental Risks to Athletes (of All Ages)

A lot of athletes clench and grind their teeth during strenuous activities and are more at risk for cavities, dry mouth, and broken teeth.

Doctor checking patient's mouth for monkeypox

Monkeypox Mouth Sores | What They Look Like & Treatment

If you suspect you have monkeypox mouth sores symptoms, it’s important to follow CDC recommendations. Monkeypox mouth sores look like large blisters with scabs.

woman with gap teeth close up diastema

What is a Diastema & Should You Fill Your Gap Teeth

Normally a diastema is caused by tight skin between your two front teeth. Other times, gaps can be created because of gum disease, extra teeth, or tooth loss.

smiling woman brushing teeth with toothbrush with black charcoal whitening toothpaste

Do Charcoal & Whitening Toothpastes Actually Whiten Teeth?

Does whitening toothpaste work? Yes, It can prevent new stains and keep your smile white. Charcoal toothpaste can be horribly damaging to your mouth

Yellow teeth

9 Reasons for Teeth Stains & What To Do About It

Understanding what causes discolored tooth enamel and being able to pinpoint the types of teeth stains will help you determine the best way to treat it.

hand with money and gray background

Dental Loans & Financing 101 For Dental Work

Is it ever a good idea to take out a dental loan for dental work? A dental loan is any type of presonal loan option used to pay for dental work.


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